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Posted by Eryn Rosenbaum on

I've finally decided to start sending my email list subscribers very occasional but valuable emails with perks such as early access to my shop updates, and sales or discounts (which I only do very rarely).

Currently, I make my new collections available at a certain time and day. I announce these upcoming collection releases on my website homepage and social media, and interested customers try to be the first to check out with the item(s) they have their heart set on. Starting with my March shop update, I will password protect my website during the first hour of a new shop update. I'll send all my email subscribers the password so they can have early access. All it takes is to enter your email on my email list form (on my homepage) and click "sign up," and you're subscribed to get the passwords for my shop updates!  

As an artist and jeweler, I am used to talking to my customers one-on-one, and I most definitely don't want to become spam. I'll only send you emails if I have something really good to share, and of course you can unsubscribe anytime. I hope you subscribe and stick around!

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