Custom and personalized orders

I sometimes, but not always, have availability for custom work. Please contact me to find out my current wait time, and to discuss ideas for your custom piece. Once we agree on an idea and a price, I will create a listing reserved for you. After you have purchased the reserved custom listing, I will execute the idea and send you photographs. When you are satisfied with the result, I will ship your one-of-a kind piece.

Please note that custom orders take extra time to complete before shipping, and are not returnable. (Find my return policy here.) However, I will work with you to make sure you are happy with the piece, within my abilities, before shipping.


Sizing details

If you have any questions about the size of an item or stone, please message me. While I sometimes approximate sizes to the nearest 1/8" or 1mm, I would always be happy to do a precise measurement for you.

If you would prefer a different chain length on a necklace, I would be happy to work with you to customize your order, in most cases for no extra charge. Handmade chains will incur an extra charge to extend, as will an addition of more than 6” to a chain.

Some rings can be stretched up to a quarter of a size larger, but most rings cannot be resized, and none can be reduced. If you would like to have a ring in a different size than the ring shown in a listing, please contact me to start a custom order and choose a similar stone for your custom ring.


Care and Repair

I use only the highest quality sterling silver and gold or gold filled metals. I take care to build wearability, durability, and ease of use into every design. That said, silver does tarnish and wire does bend under pressure. Occasionally, stones will loosen in their settings due to wear and tear on the piece. Copper does discolor over time, and it may also discolor the skin.

If your silver looks darker or less shiny than you'd like, I recommend using a treated silver polishing cloth rather than a dip or abrasive. This will achieve the shiniest result without jeopardizing the gemstones or the finish of the silver.

If the wire components of your piece become bent, you can use gentle finger pressure to try to repair the bend. If the wire has become kinked, flat-nosed pliers work well. If the damage is beyond your level of comfort to repair, I would be happy to fix your item for you for only the cost of shipping.

If the stone in your piece has become loose, I would be happy to fix it for you for only the cost of shipping.

All of my work is guaranteed for life against fabrication defects. If the piece has become damaged due to accident or mistreatment, I may or may not be able to fix it for an additional charge, depending on the nature of the damage. 



Gift wrapping and packaging

Each order is carefully and beautifully packaged. The jewelry is secured on a card when appropriate, tied into an organza bag, and finally placed into a small paper bag with a printed design. I ship this inside a bubble-padded envelope.

Sometimes I ship the item inside a jewelry box for extra protection. If you would like to be certain of receiving a box, please let me know at the time you place the order.

Gift wrapping purchased here consists of a jewelry box wrapped in patterned paper and a ribbon or twine, then placed into a decorative organza bag.


Are the gemstones real?

Absolutely! I make every effort to buy from reputable sellers who fully disclose any treatments done to the stones. I prefer to buy real, untreated gemstones.

Some types of gemstones are treated as an industry standard to improve their color. This includes chalcedony, topaz, and most citrine and amethyst. The heat and/or irradiation treatment is considered permanent for these stones, as they will not lose their color over time. It is often impossible to find untreated stones of adequate quality, so I buy the standard.  

Other gemstones are routinely dyed to make lesser quality stones look "better". I make an effort to find un-dyed ruby, sapphire, emerald, lapis lazuli, and others, though this means that the color will be less saturated and more irregular than the dyed (or the very high-end) stones. I actually prefer this natural look, myself.


Does your jewelry tarnish?

I use sterling silver, fine silver, and gold in my jewelry. Sometimes I may also make jewelry out of copper. Gold and 14k gold fill doesn't tarnish. Most sterling silver, however, eventually does oxidize and become darker. Raw (untreated) copper oxidizes and gains its own distinctive patina. You can use a cloth specifically designed for polishing silver to remove the oxidization. This is a safe way to clean the metal and will not harm the gemstone. Please do not use abrasives or dips, as these may harm the gemstones or the metal.  If you wish, you can also polish copper with the same cloths as silver, although I prefer to leave its natural patina.


What is 14k gold fill?

Gold fill is a high-quality and yet affordable alternative to solid gold. Gold fill is made by permanently bonding 14k gold to the outside of another metal, usually brass or an alloy, using heat and pressure. It can't discolor, chip, or flake off like other alternatives to solid gold, and it retains its value well. It is more expensive than solid sterling silver and contains much more gold than gold plate (vermeil), at about 5% pure gold.


Can you personalize my piece?

Some pieces have room to add personalized elements such as initials on the back. Please inquire! 


Other questions? 

Please get in touch to ask me anything! 

Email me here


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