About Eryn Rosenbaum Studio


Photo of Eryn in front of her workbench

Hello! I'm Eryn.

I discovered metal smithing in 2016 when my youngest son was a toddler. I found that I had a few hours to myself while he was at a Montessori program, and I decided to teach myself to solder silver with a crème brûlée torch and some online videos. I was hooked. This new art form resonated with me on a deeper level than anything I'd done before, and I started Eryn Rosenbaum Studio (originally called Earrings by Eryn) just a few months later. Since then, I've taken countless metalworking classes and workshops to broaden my skills and techniques. 

Every one of my pieces is made by hand in my home studio.  For each piece I make, I choose the gemstones from my personal collection, come up with a concept and design, and hand-fabricate the metal. There are many steps to bring the piece to a finished state, all of which I do by hand.

I also do all the behind-the-scenes work for Eryn Rosenbaum Studio. This includes listing new pieces online (on this website and on Etsy), fulfilling orders, sourcing stones and supplies, and posting regularly on social media. I also show my work frequently at local markets and art festivals. Check the bio on my Instagram page, @erynrosenbaumstudio, to see my upcoming local shows.

My workflow is centered around building collections over the course of a month or so, then releasing them onto my website at a certain time (announced in advance). These shop updates can sometimes sell out quickly, so I have started offering my email subscribers a password for special access to new collections an hour earlier than everyone else. 

I hope you enjoy browsing my currently available pieces. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram, sign up to receive my newsletter, and keep checking back to see what comes out of my studio next!

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.