About Eryn Rosenbaum Studio


Photo of Eryn in front of her workbench

Hello! I'm Eryn.

Every one of my pieces is made by hand, by myself, in my home studio. They are all one of a kind. I just can't bring myself to ever make the same thing twice when there are so many possibilities to explore and new art to create. 

I approach the design of my jewelry with an artistic eye and a puzzle-solving spirit. I'm never happier than when I'm figuring out the engineering of a silver mechanism in order to create a beautiful piece of wearable art that also surprises and delights. My more complex jewelry tells a story by juxtaposing natural and botanical forms and textures with stylized patterns and interesting gemstones, and often incorporates features such as locket compartments, moving elements, alternative clasps, and reversibility. I strive to create pieces that will become future heirlooms as well as everyday favorites.

Eryn Rosenbaum Studio (or its predecessor, Earrings by Eryn) began in 2016, but I've been making jewelry for far longer. I started as self-taught, picking up the basics from online videos. Since then, I have taken many metalworking classes and workshops to broaden my skillset. With this strong base in traditional metalworking techniques, I push myself to go beyond the basics and invent my own construction methods and mechanics. My most complex work has layers of functionality, such as ring bands that open for arthritic joints, long/short earrings that open and expand, pendants with hidden locket compartments, and unique clasps integrated into the fronts of the pieces. 

Each month on a set day and time, I list what I've made that month on my website. These timed shop updates can sometimes sell out quickly, so I have started offering a password for an hour of early access. You can sign up here to receive the password by email (it's pretty much the only email I ever send out). 

I show my work frequently at local markets and art festivals. Visit my show schedule to see my upcoming local shows.

I hope you enjoy browsing my currently available pieces. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram, sign up to receive my newsletter, and keep checking back to see what comes out of my studio next!

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.